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Pasalubong 2013

In Filipino, pasalubong is something you bring home to give (for free) to your friends and family when you came from somewhere far, far away, like from a vacation, or even just a trip from a nearby shopping mall. “Hey, please buy me some dumplings before you go home.”

Who can join?

This is only open to all tumblr users, but please read on. The idea of including non-tumblr users (facebook users) is dropped. 


There are three sets of prizes and each can only be won by a single person. These prizes are open to Philippine residents only.

  • The main set includes two books (The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and To Kill a Mockingbird*), fifteen (15) 4R (4.5”x6”) prints, a 2013 planner (bought here, so it has both the Islamic and the Gregorian dates, and, no, not as fancy as the coffee shop’s). And if ever I find something else along the way.
  • consolation set that includes a book (The Perks of Being A Wallflower), and ten (10) 4R prints. And if ever I find something else along the way.

I said three sets!

  • The third set, the special prize, is for photography enthusiasts. It is a photography book, (BETTER PICTURE GUIDE TO Vacation & Holiday Photography by Michael Busselle) plus five (5) 5R (5”x7”) prints. Open to all tumblrs, anywhere in the world.
  • Most of the photos (or all) will be selected from my gallery.

How, How, de carabao!?

  • Reblog this post (only up to two times). You don’t have to be following this blog. But would be nicer if you do. A like does count as an entry!  
  • Now, if you want the special prize (the photography book and the prints), you still need to reblog this post (same instruction as the first). BUT! you have to also like the page I recently created on facebook. ONLY likers of this page will get the chance to have the third pasalubong. (So, basically, if you only care about the books from the first two sets, no need to like the facebook page, but that eliminates your chance for the third prize).

*A pre-owned almost unused copy that I bought here.
A personal copy that I have in the RP. I am not a hundred percent sure if it is at home or at somebody else’s. New copy if the case is the latter.

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